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About Us

Treia Capital provides exceptional returns for our clients by investing in scalable and sustainable businesses with a focus on future growth.

Working closely with management teams, our success is based on a combination of agreed objectives, alignment and mutual trust.

Treia Capital aims to take advantage of a current gap in the market - funding for smaller infrastructure companies or operational companies that exhibit infrastructure’s essential service characteristics. This provides a largely untapped and extensive market opportunity set offering high growth potential and scope for consolidation.

Backed by a supportive network of family offices and institutional investors, Treia Capital is actively looking for new opportunities that have the potential to deliver large-scale solutions and sustainable profitable growth.

Our Services

At Treia Capital, we undertake detailed macro and thematic analysis to support each potential acquisition.

By agreeing a detailed business plan and strongly backing existing management teams, we aim to allow companies to build, grow and consolidate within their sector or subsector. We will provide a clear path to sustainable change, profitable growth and positive outcomes for all stakeholders, the environment and the broader community.

Unique strategy

We employ a differentiated strategy that targets 'value add' infrastructure businesses that are well positioned for growth and can offer attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

Pro-active origination

Our team is constantly seeking out proprietary business opportunities through our strong industry networks and our targeted investment approach.

Fiduciary and independent

Our flexible business structure allows us to align with our clients’ preferred investment approach and objectives, free of conflicts.

Creating value

When we invest in a company, we focus on de-risking, maturing and improving operations, through active asset management. We provide management with the tools to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Treia Capital is currently looking for investments within these sectors:

  • Fibre/ Telco – wholesale fibre networks
  • Port and storage related assets
  • Power and renewables
  • Water and wastewater
  • Gas pipeline, processing and storage assets
  • Waste management and treatment
  • Quarries
  • Regional airports

Our Team

Treia Capital was founded by Andrew Martin and Michael Robinson, who share responsibility for business strategy, fundraising and investment activities.

Michael Robinson

Michael is a Principal of Treia Capital and has over 25 years of global experience in infrastructure investment, asset management and investment banking....

Andrew Martin

Andrew is a Principal of Treia Capital and has over 25 years of experience in various roles within infrastructure, working largely within utilities and infrastructure investment banking...

Jeremy Don
Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy is the Chief Operating Officer of ICA Partners. Part of Jeremy's function is assisting Treia Capital and he will be responsible for...


DGtek owns and operates an ultra-fast broadband network in high-density residential and commercial areas in Melbourne.

By leveraging new and emerging fibre technologies, its mission is to deliver cost-effective, high-speed internet solutions throughout Australia. As a registered Australian Telecommunications Infrastructure Carrier, it designs, builds, operates and maintains high-speed Optical Fibre Networks direct to the premise, so customers receive reliable, ultra-fast broadband internet for their business, home, building or school.


June 2019


DGtek’s vision is to be the leading privately owned wholesale provider of ultra fast broadband services in Australia.


Since Treia Capital’s investment, DGtek has achieved the following milestones:

  • Expanded its network footprint to more than 70km, extending from Port Melbourne to Moorabbin and branching into the CBD, South Melbourne, St Kilda, Elwood and Bentleigh
  • Grown business and residential connections by over 100%
  • Established a new reporting and governance framework
  • Undertaken major investment in network resilience, independence and reliability, including data centre connectivity
  • Developed new dark and managed lease line services to client

Treia Capital expects to scale up its investment over time, as DGtek’s network footprint is expanded to accommodate rising demand for fibre-to-the-premise solutions.

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